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Deitra Baker


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Deitra Baker Licensed Therapist

Deitra Baker, Licensed Therapist

Emotional intelligence is the unique intersection of both the head and the heart.

As a pediatric, young adult, and maternal mental health therapist, speaker, and parent educator, I help children, adolescents, young adults, and mothers improve their overall mental health and wellness. Utilizing techniques individualized to you and/or your child's needs, I am able to meet my client's where they are, and  walk alongside them in their journey to health and healing.

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About Deitra Baker

Expert Therapy Services

Deitra Baker specializes in a comprehensive range of therapies addressing anxiety, depression, behavior issues, trauma, and life transitions for individuals and families. With a unique focus on supporting young actors and entertainers, her practice offers tailored counseling to nurture their emotional well-being alongside their careers.

Child Therapy with with Deitra Baker

A Licensed Therapist to
help cope with life's changes.

Deitra Baker, Dual Licensed
Deitra Baker, 15 Years Experience
Deitra Baker, Therapeutic Approach

Culturally sensitive licensed therapy to assist children, teens, young adults, and moms. 

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Your opportunity to take a small step towards a big change.

If you’re ready to make changes that will give you a renewed vitality to your family system, you’ve come to the right place. It’s my job to support you with helping your child process unhealthy emotions, while alleviating parental stress. We will address your child's areas of conflict to nurture healing in the mind, body, and soul. Here's how to get started...

Therapy For Children

Ages 6-12

Therapy For Children

Therapy For Teens

Ages 13-19

Therapy For Teens

Therapy For Young Adults

Ages 20-26

Therapy For Young Adults

Therapy For Moms

Ages 26+

Therapy For Moms

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